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Now that you’ve found us here at Potional, we know that you are looking for an awesome software house to develop your startup’s web and mobile applications.

Good thing that’s exactly how we help your business. And we add some magic potion for free!

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Our services

Web Development

Our web developers are dedicated to keeping your product light, fast, and secure. Depending on the needs of your product, our developers can ensure scalability with Elixir, low-latency with Phoenix, and speed with vueJS. As an added bonus we will sprinkle a bit of potion on the code to create beautiful sites with excellent performance.

Mobile Development

As soon as you see a need for a mobile app, our developers will amaze you with their knowledge of languages for a variety of mobiles devices. We create native iOS and Android apps, using Swift or Kotlin, as well as native mobile applications, to ensure that you get a super responsive and effective app with or without our special potion.


Our SaaS expertise comes in quite handy for the realization of your idea. You can rely on our market research to develop a MVP, or show you through our Agile workflow where we learn about possible improvements or which functionalities are needed, and how we create our secret potion.

Cloud Deployment

If you are interested in scalability of your business, it is time you think about cloud deployment. Kubernetes allow for speedy, cost-optimized, and collaborative infrastructure that is built for the future. No potion needed.


We create, design, and develop software for startups to use on the web, iOS, and Android. Learn more about our development process with Agile methodology, from inception to testing to the final product.

We have top developers cooperating to create the finest apps, enhanced with our potion, for our clients’ needs.



Estimate your costs in only 72 hours!


You idea comes in and we gather additional data that we need to provide an accurate and quality estimate.


Our developers take your idea, brainstorm the best ways to complete your project, and analyse the production costs.


We deliver a price range for your project. This way you are in control of your final project.

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